Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wheeling and Dealing with UPS

I was thinking about taking a picture of our living room to show you the disaster that it currently is. There are mountains of boxes everywhere! I don't know where we would have fit everything in here if Bob had not been taking over a carload or two each week to the house. We started packing probably about 6 weeks out, and we have needed every day! As it is, I'm preparing for the various boxes, all likely to be labeled, "MISC" that will be packed over the next day or two before we leave.

So yeah, I didn't take any pictures. :)

Today we said goodbye to Dean's PT, Jen, and OT, Brenda, and yesterday we said goodbye to his speech therapist, Jessica. I hate all these goodbyes, as I've mentioned, and I get sad thinking that Dean doesn't even know he won't see them anymore. :( I know there will be good things ahead for sure, but still hard to say goodbye to the good ones you already know! Ok, enough about that, I've already cried once today!

On the upside, today I won the package delivery lotto. We ordered a TV stand for the new TV we're getting (thanks, T&K!) from Target:

It said the estimated arrival date would be between June 3 and June 7. We're moving June 4, this Saturday, right in the middle of that.

I thought to send it to the house, but no one would be there to sign for it and so that wouldn't work. I got it on sale and that was going to be over if I waited until we were squarely in the house.

So I took a chance and had it come here to the apartment. I had daydreams of the UPS man coming to the apartment after we were gone and my poor table getting denied at the door. I had other insane thoughts of coming back to the empty apartment with 3 kids and waiting all day after we'd moved to get the package, load it in the car, and drive to Richmond. Like I said, lunacy.

Turns out that even with the holiday weekend, the UPS man pulled up this afternoon and I nearly kissed him. I got my sale AND I got my table on time. :) Ever played the odds with UPS or another delivery company and won? Or lost? Would love to hear stories because I bet there are some good ones out there.

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Trisha and Jim said...

Played and lost. Ordered a restraint for Oliver to use on the airplane for our trip home from Russia. There was no way I was lugging a car seat to Siberia and back! Paid a bit extra to make sure it was delivered on time. Snow in some other part of the country delayed the delivery and I was already on my way to Russia before it arrived. Believe me there were many moments on the 12 hour flight I wished I could have strapped him down!