Saturday, June 18, 2011

Work Ethic

We had a great day exploring the nearby mall and the play place there. It was actually fairly civilized for a mall play space. :) We are trying to bring Dean's crocodile (his walker) more places so he can practice walking and explore the environment more in that way. And like I said, the general public seems to be much more receptive to a 2-year-old in a walker than a 2-year-old who is crawling.

Dean is working hard still with us doing PT exercises at home and I didn't tell you about the orthotics appointment we had the other day. We saw a new orthotist here, Paul Valentine, and he was fantastic. He agreed with our recommendations for Sure Steps SMOs and that the current orthotics we had were not a good fit (literally and figuratively). We are hopefully getting the Sure Steps next week! As usual, trying not to get my hopes up, but geez, I really, really want these to help Dean. I'm cautiously optimistic!

Anyway, I think about how hard Dean works and about how people who see him out and about don't necessarily know that. One well-meaning person today got into a discussion with me about Dean's "situation" and his low muscle tone. They asked if he had low tone because of him being inactive (in the sense of being lazy). I knew they meant no harm, but it broke my heart at the same time to think that some might think that is why Dean doesn't walk or talk much or whatever just yet. Then again, no matter anyone's situation, we will always be misunderstood for something. Talk about things you can't control...

Dean lately has started putting together two words. I'm over the moon about it! The other day he was pointing to Emmett saying, "My brother." It sounded like, "mah brah" to anyone else, but it was clear what he was saying from the context and repetition. Then last night he was looking through a balloon and saw Bob on the other side. He yelled, "HI, DADA!!!!" Bob yelled back, "HI, DEANO!!" and Dean cracked up. Tonight, he was playing with a water bottle - remember, he hates to drink? He just turns sippy cups or water bottles upside-down on the ground. I tell him to stop, but tonight, I was just so tired and I figured, we have a vinyl floor in the kitchen that's going to go someday, so let him have fun. Dean had a blast pouring water on the ground and was saying over and over, "Pour...water." LOL It sounded like "Poh... wahdu." But it was absurdly cute. I had to laugh. Yup, I let my kid pour water on the ground just to get him to keep talking. There are worse things. :)

The other fun event of the day for the kids was when our tree guy came and felled a huge dead branch from one of the tall trees in the front yard. The boys loved watching him with the ropes, saws, front loader, and big truck. Cole got to DRIVE the Bobcat up and down our driveway, which resulted in a look mixed with terror and excitement that left me in stitches (the laughing kind, not the dangerous kind!).

Emmett is continuing to adjust to sleeping better at night (I can do waking only once!) and is rolling like a maniac all over the place. He manages to scoot on his belly (yes, he's 4 months old) and I think he's going to try to get moving sooner than later! I'm excited. :)

Fun day!


Rhea said...

YAY for Dean on the two words! That is HUGE!! I know because we got there at age 4 or something... really, we're still working on it! :P That is just plain awesome. And driving the bobcat???? Shuddup! My kids would have been exploding with excitement. Nothing like a houseful of boys with large vehicles outside. Love it!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Thanks, Rhea! It's still difficult sometimes to understand Dean, and I imagine that will be the case perhaps always. But if he's not going to walk yet, we'll take whatever progress we can. :)

And I maintain that there should just be a park full of construction vehicles with demonstrations at different hours and it would be the funnest thing for little boys. :)