Monday, July 4, 2011

Acceptance and Kitchens

You know, two things that usually go together. Ok, maybe not.

I've tried about 64 times to upload a video of Dean in his walker, but for today, technology is winning. I give up. It's a clip of him at the stables where he does hippotherapy, and it's just adorable because you can see him walking a ton and how much he loves the horses. Eventually, you'll see it. :)

I've finally accepted that Dean has a walker and that that's - for now, or for however long - how he gets around. You can read a bit more about the thought process here. But I mean, really, Dean is everywhere in that thing. He doesn't use it much at home because, even though we have more space, it's still a limited area. But out in public, he loves it. And having the SureSteps has given him such confidence that he's a different kid with and *without* them on. And he can WALK TO THE CAR SO I DON'T HAVE TO CARRY HIM! Yes, I am yelling, and my lower back is crying tears of happiness. Or whatever. This is life-changing, and now I am more than happy to have to chase Dean all over the place while I wrangle the other two. Thank goodness Cole enjoys being independent. :)

With things like the walker, I can get mad that we have to deal with that over "just" being able to walk and shake my fists at the sky in anger... or I can look at Dean like yesterday, squealing with delight as he walked through the pop jet fountains at the outdoor mall and enjoying it the way the rest of the kids could. Cole could walk up to him and the two of them could stand together playing in the fountains. As usual, Cole is a great teacher in acceptance, as he couldn't care less about the walker. I try to see it the way he does. I love the freedom that Cole's viewpoint affords. He's just thrilled to see Dean walking.

Also, unrelated to any of this, I have to share the newest change in the kitchen. I painted the kitchen table:

"Secret Passage" by Olympic Premium:

Puurrrrrrty. And then Bob added some curtains I got at Target and I may have jumped up and down a bit with excitement.


Dorette said...

The kitchen table looks great! Hopefully the walker phase is short lived and soon remembered with fond memories

CMG's Mom said...

Love the table the the color on the walls! Awesome!
Love all the updates and glad things are going well...even with the preschool change (stressful much!) but sounds like it was a good decision...glad you found somewhere better.
Hopefully we'll see you soon...I'll email you more.

Trisha and Jim said...