Sunday, July 17, 2011

Concrete Conundrum

Our screened-in porch is perhaps the trickiest "room" in our house. And it has a ton of potential. We're still getting it up-to-speed since moving in. The most tricky part is figuring out how to keep it clean. The floor is concrete and I believe it's been stained the oatmeal/gold color that it is. There are also huge grooves in the floor and I'm not really sure how to keep massive amounts of dirt from collecting in there. Any tips? Just pour new concrete? No clue. Do tell.

And here's a funny/cute picture of Bob on the roof. He was cleaning the gutters and it was sweet because he warned me that he was going to be up there. He assured me that he was safe and felt confident in what he was doing. I just told him that if he fell, try to roll instead of flop. Yeah, that would probably minimize the number of bones broken. Sigh. Good thing we live in a one-story house!

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