Monday, July 25, 2011

Cool Kids

To beat the heat, we went to the Children's Museum at Short Pump today. I love this place because it's a manageable size, there's plenty to do for the ages of our kiddos (most suitable for kids under 5, I'd say), and it's fairly accessible for Dean.

Cole was excited to bounce around from place to place and was especially fond of the pirate ship. :) Dean was so excited to be there that he was walking up to 40 or 50 feet at a time (no joke!) and kept pushing away his walker when I gave it to him. Hey, I'll take it! Emmett mostly slept, but he loved watching his older bros have a great time when he was awake. I have no.earthly.clue what I'm going to do when Emmett is mobile. AAHH!!!

Here are some pictures that I love because each of our boys are so different. These show a little bit of their different sides.

Cole making his "scary face," which truly is quite scary!! lol

And getting excited after hitting a home run on the Wii. It was the cutest.

Emmett enjoying being a babe! This kid is so happy. Again, unless we're in the car (and switching to a convertible seat didn't help!).

Don't you want to eat him up?

And Dean, now that he's on his feet, showing off some cool shades:


Matt said...

LOVE the pics of Dean. Well, of course we love all the pics... but especially the ones of Dean -- mostly because Diana and I are saying to each other, "Were we *really* there 2 weeks ago, and now he's walking 40-50 ft.???" :) Yaay! :)

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Matt, I know! It's crazy. Came out of nowhere. I guess his brain was working on it underground. :)

Katie said...

Love the pics. Especially, the ones of Dean with his shades and so happy to know he is taking giant steps now. WOW!!!!!Grandma

hammeron said...

cool....go on Dean ^ ^