Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Get a Job

The title is such because it made me think of this (Tim, it's all your fault):

Could those guys tuck in their shirts? Anyway....

Cole up until about two days ago proudly told me, "Mommy, I don't like this new house." My reactions varied, usually either, "Ok, that's fine. You don't have to like it," and asking him, "What don't you like about it?" The answers were always different - either way, I think it was Cole's way of saying that he wasn't totally ok with the move, and I wanted him to be able to own that feeling. Moving's hard! And I wasn't worried because I knew, when Cole was ready, he would come around.

Somewhat recently, he started hinting that MAYBE the "new house" (I think he's going to call it that even if we're still here in 20 years :)) wasn't so bad after all. I said, "What do you like about it?" He told me that he likes that he can have jobs around the house. He likes to help Bob in the yard or with washing the car (something we couldn't do in an apartment building). If we're outside in particular, he's always asking what job he can do. Sign him up!

Tonight when Bob came home and I was making dinner, I looked out the window and saw this. I went out onto the porch (hence the fuzziness; I took the pic through the screen) and shot this:

I know. The cutest. He was completely serious about it (that's a bubble mower, by the way :)) and even came in to tell me that he needed a drink of water for a break. He said in this voice he reserves only for grown-up matters, "Mom, I'm almost done with the yard, you know. I just need a little drink of water and then I'm going to finish mowing. It's going to look really pretty. Really nice." LOL Who says that?!?! What a crack-up.

Then tonight at dinner, he said, "I really like the new house. I like it."
"I'm glad, Coley. I thought you would."


Sarah said...

That Cole... He is pretty darn cute :).

The Saunderses said...

So cute!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

Every man deserves a cold one after mowing the lawn.

Tim Foley said...

you KNOW those kids were like "ok wait wait wait I have an awesome idea. Let's UNTUCK our shirts for this song! it will make it so authentic and different - its like we're really projecting the song!" they belong in the same category as people that hug with their hips out

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Elizabeth -ha!
Tim, I thought about that. Instead, they just look like slobs. lol