Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good Friends

This weekend, we had our first house guests: our good friends Matt & Diana from Boston! We finally got to meet their little guy, Nathan, who's about 6 weeks older than is Emmett. It's fun meeting new folks, but it's SO good to be with people who have known you for a long time. Refreshing. Thanks, guys. :) We only hope our 3 didn't deter them from having more children should they so desire. haha I told them that as long as you know what you want to be for Halloween and you're willing to answer 32,468 questions a day about what your favorite superhero is, you're golden. Emmett (can I say that I type my own kid's name incorrectly ALL the time? Usually "Ememtt" :)) and Nathan had a grand meeting of the minds on the family room carpet:

Hilarious and exponentially adorable. :) So nice to see them and have good conversations. And can I say (this is not a passive-aggressive post against others who are *not* this way) that it is wonderful to have friends who care enough to get close and step in with some of the crazy stuff? Things like asking how to hold Dean while he's trying to walk or carrying a walker (some people are scared of walkers, trust me) to give us a hand or just asking about the little things that are not normal but have become just that for us? It means a lot. Hooray for friends who aren't afraid to enter in to the little things that are, of course, the big things. Thanks, guys, we love you. :)


Kevin said...

Nathan looks like he has a Mohawk and EJ looks like a little version of the Pope, so I guess that is cute. And Cole being a logical guy asks you 32768 times about your favorite super-hero, not 32468 times. The first number is 2 to the fifteenth.

Anonymous said...

Ali, How adorable those babies are. They certainly connected with one another. I'm happy that you had a visit from your Boston friends. Love and kisses to my boys. Grandma Katie