Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Half, Little Little!!

We jokingly call Cole the "big big brother" because he is a big brother two times over. Dean is the "big little brother" and Emmett is the "little little" brother. Cole gets a kick out of this.

So today is - believe it or not - the half-birthday of our little little! Emmett is 6 months old today.

Having Emmett in our family adds such an interesting dynamic. He adores his bigger brothers, especially Dean, and they love him. Dean loves to initiate peek-a-boo games with Emmett and Cole loves to speak a crazy gibberish to him. All result in happy giggles and squeals from the little little.

I remember my grandma saying that when she had two kids, her doctor mentioned how often he'd see each kid identify with one of the two parents in particular (assuming there were two parents). In our family, Cole definitely identifies more with Bob and I'd say Dean identifies more with me. So then her doctor said that throwing another kid in the mix (this is not literal - there is no actual child-throwing going on :)) disrupts the balanced identification of one parent with one kid. I don't remember learning about this exactly in grad school (I got my M.A. in Counseling, focusing on Marriage & Family Therapy), but I think the doctor's observations could at least sometimes be true. Adding Emmett has bumped things around such that Cole now gravitates towards me a little more, Emmett towards both, and Dean more towards Bob. It feels more like we're a group instead of two pairs. Not better or worse, just different.

And personality-wise, Emmett is his own little dude. Yes, a mix of Cole & Dean in looks, but his own little guy in nature. We like him. :)

Emmett and Mommy - scary over-smile on Ali!

Much better.


Simply edible. That smile melts me.

Can't wait to learn more about you as you grow, little little. We love you.


Tracy said...

Dear Little Little, your smile is contagious. - Love Miss Tracy

Also - when my sister-in-law went from 2 kids to 3 she said it's like going from man-to-man defense to zone coverage. "Man-to-man you're on an equal playing field...equal number of kids to adults. When it comes to the zone you just hope you keep it all under control before they run up the score too much."

hammeron said...

congratulation ^ ^