Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's All Part of the Routine

I'm an enigma. By nature, I'm stink at details and planning ahead. I'm really lucky if I can think about 30 minutes ahead of time to pave the way ahead of me.

With young kids, this is great in some ways because your little ones sometimes couldn't care less about plans and unexpected events come up all the time. You have to adjust and be flexible or else you'll explode.

So this works for me. I find myself constantly adjusting and tweaking my day as we float along. But that's not all. I KNOW that my brain doesn't want to plan, so I have various mechanisms in place to counteract that. By "various mechanisms," I mostly mean "various Excel spreadsheets." Anyone who's known me for awhile knows that I have an Excel spreadsheet for just about everything. :)

Being the mom of a child with special needs has forced me to become even MORE of a planner. I have to think ahead because the services, treatments, and interventions that will help Dean take more forethought than those for my typical kiddos. This is still hard for me, but it's good discipline.

I'm finding that this discipline is spilling over into other areas of my life, like even how I plan my day. As much as making a routine is against my nature, I know that it helps the kids and it helps me. In the morning now, we have breakfast, get dressed and ready, take a walk (this is for me!), go out and do something, come home, eat lunch, take naps, watch cartoons, play some more at home, Bob comes home and we eat dinner, hang out together a bit, boys go to bed, Bob and I relax. This routine, although flexible, helps the boys know what's coming next and gives me a good structure around which to organize our day.

What routines do you have in place? Are you a routine-oriented person by nature?

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Katie said...

Ali, I love routine and pretty much live that way. I have my whole week planned. Of course, things crop up that change the plans but I love to be organized. However, your case is so much different than mine ever was or will be. Just know, we all think you are doing a great job. Bob gets credit, too. Love you all. Grandma