Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dean is walking everywhere. As of today - like literally TODAY - he is walking probably more than he is crawling. I'm not even sure what to do with it yet. Actually, I feel like I'm going to cry just typing it. But watching him walk is like watching an awe-inspiring, God-whispered miracle. I thought I would be just screaming and jumping around like a crazy lady watching it, but really, it's something I can't describe. And I have no video because I'm just so struck by it. Well, that or I'm diving at something to make sure he doesn't crash into a person/off a step/over a giant toy, etc.

And really, it came out of nowhere. Clearly his brain was working on it because last week while Cole was at Vacation Bible School at our church, Dean and Emmett were in childcare and the caregivers there said Dean was walking back and forth from thing to thing. Then it's been building and building and today, Dean walked his longest stretch, which was clear across the family room... about 17 feet? Unbelievable.

People have asked what my hunch is about what did it. Here's the equation I can come up with:

PT exercises + SureStep orthotics + practicing with walker + strong enough to do it + confidence (from the SureSteps) + miracle from above = walking

Work for you? It works for me. :) And the funny thing is that the PT exercises we're doing are still ones from our PT in Charlottesville. Dean will re-start PT here (FINALLY) next week.

It's hard to tell whether I would call him a "walker" just yet because it's not like we'd plop him out of the car and he'd walk into a store with us. Not yet. He still needs his walker for that. But I think it'll be soon.

Thank you, God. No, really.


Janet Gulley said...

Yippeee!! Look out world Deano is about to be fully mobile! You are in for some pretty cool uncharted waters, just keep diving in. Thanks for letting us cheer him on too. You did hear us yelling with glee right?

Ashley, Timothy & Cooper said...

Way to go, Dean!!!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

What a testimony to God's goodness and your unending love for Dean! I cannot wait to see him in action! Kiss that sweet boy for me!

Matt & Diana P said...

my goodness. I think I feel the shock of it with you! Amazing how you can believe with all your might that it's going to happen and still be in awe when it does. Thanks God for still working in this world and providing miracles! We are so happy for Dean and happy for your back, Ali :).

hammeron said...

Ali, you miss one thing in your equation:

your endless love towards Dean ^o^

kitshenk said...


Ali Foley Shenk said...

Janet, was *that* what I heard? :)

Diana, you nailed it!

Shirley, he's an easy one to love! :)

Thanks, everyone!

horace said...

YEA!!! So happy to hear about the walking!! Super awesome!