Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Decide the Paint!

After our initial paint jobs in the family room and kitchen, I think we hit a bit of a wall (no pun intended). Well, I painted a few more small things, like an end table and some picture frames, but I was all maxed out on any big projects.

A few weeks later, I'm feeling the itch again. The next two targets are our hall bathroom and our bedroom. I have some ideas of what to do, and Bob is fairly neutral (again, no pun with paint color references or anything!), so you get to decide. Here's what we're working with:

Hall bath. The '70s called and it wants its bathroom back. We will eventually replace the floor (not sure what color/material) and the vanity/sink (likely dark wood with a lighter top), as well as the lighting over the mirror (and likely the mirror itself). So keep that in mind. We've currently got a brown/blue thing going on, which I like. Here are pics:

What color for the walls? Do tell.

And then our room. We changed out the bedding to make it a little more relaxing. We went from this:

to this:


So the thoughts for these walls were maybe the gray, blue, or green from the medallions on the bedding? Here's a close-up:

I'm really liking the idea of the gray with the white trim and maybe an accent wall behind the bed? Not sure yet. We're not hanging anything on the wall either until we have the room painted.

Would love to hear your ideas!

On the settling-in front, we're getting there. Everything is basically unpacked except for what needs to be hung on the walls. Not there yet. All our things are still finding their places and we're getting used to the rhythms of our living space. We love the house. It feels like us. :)


Kevin said...

Bath - Powder Blue
Master BR - Lavender

Colleen said...

Bathroom I would do a medium blue. Something like Waterscape   530F-5 from Behr. I picked this color by my screen, might not be the right shade in person, but what I was thinking of. Would look really nice with a dark vanity. I don't know if this link will take you there to the page or not.
For your bedroom, I am screaming "do green!". I don't know if I would do the whole room or the back wall where your bed is and do the rest of the room a soft gray? Or you could do the color blue that matches exactly as a focal wall and do the rest of the walls a lighter shade of that blue. So many options. I think you are good no matter what. I think once you add some decor to the walls it will pull it all together for sure! Good luck :) Can't wait to see what you decided on!!!

Gina B said...

Got nothing on the bathroom. But I am totally into bright green these days and the bedroom, in my mind, screams green! You could do two walls green and two a matching neutral color. Or a half and half deal. Or one accent green (where the bed would hit against) and the other three... grey? cream?

Katie said...

You folks have done such a terrific job so far that I couldn't begin to match it. Just would like a soft color for bathroom for when I take my bath, the walls are not jumping out at me. You probably don't take baths anymore: it's showers for everyone. Just love your work. You could consider going into the business. Love you all, Grandmapenti