Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All I Want for Christmas

Ok, it's not Christmas, but the title fit. Dean has a fever right now and it hasn't broken all day. It's not going up, but it's not going down. The last time he had a fever like this, we were in the hospital with pneumonia in less than 24 hours. We have the pulse ox on him tonight and the oxygen should we need it, but really hoping we don't.

To add to it, Cole's birthday is tomorrow. I was really looking forward to a day that would be totally about Cole. He said to Dean today, "Boo-Boo, you can't be sick, tomorrow is my birthday!" :(

Please pray that Dean will get better really soon and that Cole would have a fantastic birthday tomorrow. I hate the worry and the constant monitoring that has to go on when Dean is sick because we can't trust his body's signals. This syndrome stinks. Just when we were feeling hopeful about so many things, this happens. I know we'll get back to the place of hope, but right now is not so fun.


Angel said...

Just started following your blog. I couldn't read this and not comment. I am praying for your family to have the perfect day tomorrow!

hammeron said...

hope Dean's fever will go away and have a nice day tomorrow.