Friday, August 5, 2011

Dress-Up Extravaganza

Cole loves to dress up. His preschool teacher from this past year said it was one of his most favorite activities at school. His particular faves are the usual suspects: fireman, police officer, pirate, etc. Now he's really into superheroes. If you talk with Cole, he will most likely ask you which superhero you like better between two choices. Ok, he might ask more like 30 times. :)

Tomorrow is Superhero and Princess Day at the Children's Museum and so we wanted a costume for the occasion. Because I didn't think ahead, I posted on Facebook and then scoured Craigslist. Found someone on there who was selling her son's entire collection of dress-up outfits. We got a Spiderman mask, Buzz Lightyear costume, several pirate costumes, doctor costume, two Transformers costumes, Storm Trooper costume, Power Ranger Jungle Fury (I had to consult YouTube on the "Jungle Fury" part) costume, several ninja costumes, cowboy hat, the Hulk costume, a Spiderman cape, and more.

46,328 costume changes later, the day is over. :) Cole had a blast. It was fun seeing him so excited, but scary to turn around in the kitchen, for instance, and see this:

Ack! There he is again! (look at the eyes!)

And this:

But at least the Hulk mowed the driveway:

And had an adorable cheering chewing section:

In the spirit of dress-up, I busted out Cole's old Halloween turtle outfit from when he was an infant. Emmett was... less than amused...
Mom, what in the heck is this thing on my head?

Get it off, woman! Get it off!

Is it horrible that I laughed? And that I'm possibly still cracking up right now? Mom and Dad, it's ok, it was just a few seconds. I know you're shaking your head. haha

Dean was not interested. But it was sweet when Cole asked me, "Mom, do you think Dean wants to wear a mask?" I told him I wasn't sure, and Cole said, "I want to ask him, but I don't know the sign for 'mask.'" My heart melted. Dean understands pretty much everything we say, but he has finally been using signs to communicate back to us more. Cole joins in with signing and my heart was so full knowing that Cole wanted to include his brother and make sure he was communicating well with him. Love that Coley.

And speaking of, if you have some time, head over to Keegan Johnson (president of FPWR)'s blog and read about having a sibling with PWS. Great blog entry:

In that spirit, Bob is out at a Richmond Flying Squirrels game with Cole right now. We had a talk last night that now that we feel like we're a bit out of survival mode, it's time to make sure that Cole (and eventually Emmett) feel that they get some special time with us when Dean gets attention for so much else. Can't wait to hear about the ball game. :)


Colleen said...

Aw, Cole is such an awesome big brother! Gotta love dress up time. Kamryn can never have enough princess dresses, and now she has her eyes set on a new one. Craigslist and garage sales have saved me a bundle!

Gina B said...

Mike and I are cracking up over those pictures of Emmett! So funny!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Gina, I laugh every.time. lol

Maegan0514 said...

Cole reminds me of Carter. We get Halloween costumes super cheap after Halloween is over. He LOVES to dress up. He is always some superhero. Power Rangers are his latest obsession! Does Cole ever watch them on TV? They have the new Power Rangers Samuri