Thursday, August 4, 2011


Bob and I feel like we've recently entered a new chapter in our lives. Dean walking feels like he's finally out of the "baby" stage and into the "kid" stage in a whole new way. He's gotten sassier and is exploring his world in new ways. It's changing how he interacts with others, including his brothers and including us. He has new therapists, Cole has a new school for Pre-K, we have a new (to us) house, Bob still has a new(ish) job, and we have a new(ish) baby (I still park in the "expectant and new parent" parking spaces :)). Lots of changes.

We were chatting tonight and acknowledged that for the last almost 5 years, we've either been expecting a baby or had a little one in the house. And really, they're all still little at almost-4 years, 2 years, and 6 months old.

We acknowledged that during this time, it is imperative that we take time to sit down and reflect about how our little family is doing and where we want to go from here. If we don't do that on a regular basis, we're stuck in survival mode, just desperately treading water so we can stay afloat. That's obviously a worthy endeavor, but it's no way to live.

We've renewed our commitment to spend time praying together and focusing on what is important to us. We're trying to think about the causes and activities that are important to us outside of the five of us. This is really hard to do. I feel so vulnerable just even mentioning it because we've just been treading for what seems like so long.

For those with young children, how do you get outside of the survival mode and stay focused on the bigger picture? This is a unique time of life and it requires unique solutions.


Diana P said...

hey guys, we don't have a lot of experience yet, but one small thing that comes to mind is a book called "Never Mind the Joneses" by Tim Stafford, IVP :). It gives practical ideas about how to live out Godly values...with lots of flexibility for what fits your family. Might start the wheels turning. I'm hoping it will help us for years to come. I'm eager to hear what else you learn! Great question.

Katie said...

Ali, For you and Bob to pray together is a must. So glad you are doing that daily. This will be hard for you to do but if you have the opportunity to go out to eat (even if it's only a McDonald's) do that. It can help to refresh your thinking and keep you both connected to each other. Often, we are so involved in caring for the children or the job, that we choose to put aside our time together. That is what it will take to keep the family unit strong. Love you all and pray each day for you. You and Bob are doing a GREAT job.

Ali Foley Shenk said...


Diana, I will check out that book...