Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Out of Dodge

Looking like we're going to my parents' house tomorrow. It doesn't seem like Irene is going to be horrible here, all things considered, but I'm afraid she's going to want to play a game of pick-up sticks with these:

and these:

And a dozen or so other trees around the house. I am not good at estimating height, but as Cole would say, "They're twenty 90 5 minutes." That's 4-year-old for, 'I have no clue about big numbers or units, but they're crazy tall.'

We have the three in the front that are slated to come down *next* week (oh the irony) and then many others that could crush the house. Bob is working all day and night on Sunday, too, and I do not want to be along with the boys in the house. It's also times like this that I wish we had a basement. Sigh.

I'm watching CNN and they have these reporters out in the rain who are just getting pummeled by the elements. Why do we do this to people? I GET that it's raining out and windy like crazy, so no need to put someone out there who has to sputter between words to get the hurricane out of their mouth. Crazy.

Here's to hoping... praying... that we don't come home to a tree through our house. Really, we love our sweet old house and it very much feels like home already. We think it looks better without a tree through it.

Stay safe, everyone!


Diana P said...

I thought of your trees yesterday. Praying they stay put! And praying Bob has a quiet shift at the hospital because everyone is safe from the hurricane.

Lisa said...

stay safe!