Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Cole Day!!

This time four years ago, I was breaking blood vessels in my eyes in the middle of pushing and experiencing the most ridiculous pain of my life. Forty-five minutes from now, four years ago, I would hear a strong, RED-headed little baby scream his brains out as he was delivered in an operating room. At 10:15, four years ago, I would become a mama. It makes me smile.

Last night, Bob blew up a gazillion (we lost count) balloons and we put them on the floor of Cole & Dean's room for a birthday surprise. I was so excited to see how Cole (and Dean) would react. (By the way, Dean woke up this morning and was completely fine. I don't know what to say other than that your prayers were heard. Thank you. xoxo)

Their reactions were a great reflection of the fundamental difference in the personalities of C&D. Dean woke up, saw the balloons and yelled, "YEAH!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!" Pure joy.

Cole woke up, saw the balloons, started crying and called out for us. I came in, Cole immediately demanded an explanation for where the balloons came from. I told him, and then he asked WHY were the balloons there. I said, "Cole, it's your birthday, it's supposed to be fun. Don't read too much into it." Haha. THEN he was happy. :)

Quote of the day during breakfast: "I didn't realize that I was FOUR last night while I was sleeping. I thought I was still 3!" This kid cracks me up.

The boys played outside this morning (Emmett was with me, no worries):

And then off to the Children's Museum we went! Cole said before we left, "I'm going to tell everyone that I'm four today. I'm not three anymore. I WAS three. That was a little kid. Now I'm 4. Four is REAAAALLLY big." He declares this in this funny "serious" voice that I might have mentioned before. Picture a pitch with some bass in it. It's humorous.

There were other activities in our day, but the other highlight was waiting for a package from the beloved UPS man. Cole picked out a toy with a gift from my grandpa and he picked Fireburst Optimus Prime. Yes, a Transformer. He was so excited and kept checking for the package. What ensued was a maddening process of trying to convert the toy from a robot to a vehicle. Reminds me of when packages say, "Some assembly required."

Look how many steps!

Seriously, I deserve a prize. But look how happy it made him (well, this was after converting it BACK to a robot, which fortunately is much easier). :)

Then it was dinner at Applebees and a late bedtime. Great day. Love that Coley. :)


Tracy said...

4 really is REAAAALLLY big. Happy Birthday Mr. Cole!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Cole. It seems like just yesterday we were comparing notes.

John bought Matthew the Bumblebee transformer that converts to the car/robot. You really do need an engineering degree to figure it out :)