Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Feel the Earth. Move. Under My Feet.

We had a great morning and then settled in for a nice, quiet naptime after lunch. I knew when I heard Dean engaging in the usual naptime shenanigans (picture Tarzan-like yelling patterns and assorted other ridiculousness) that he was feeling back to himself for the most part. Cole didn't want to settle down either, so it "worked" for them (i.e., no one wanted to sleep). Emmett, who boycotted all naps today, just hung out with me in the family room.

Then the house started violently shaking.
Is that a train? Wait, we don't live anywhere near train tracks....
Is it one of the trees in the front yard about to come down? Must run to the front of the house and check the trees.
Trees are fine.
My gosh, the house feels like it's going to come out of the ground. IT.IS.SO.LOUD.
Grab Emmett and head under furniture. Crap, this must be an earthquake!!

And then, silence. What. In. The. Heck.

I went into Cole & Dean's room, where both of them by then were standing on their bed/crib and looking at me with the same question on their minds. I informed them that that was likely an earthquake, but that we made it and everyone was fine.

Cole informed me that he thought it was a fish in his closet - a BIG fish - that was shaking. Yes, that was it. Huh?

I pretended like it was a normal naptime and told C&D to go back to bed. Never mind that my heart was in my throat. Yup, just a chill kinda naptime.

I took Emmett and we went outside to see if others were there who could make sense of it all. Our neighbors' daughters were out there and confirmed that they too thought it was an earthquake. Everyone was fine. Checked the outside of the house for damage. All good.

Went back inside, checked for damage. All good. Thank goodness.

Then of course, went on Facebook and posted, and within less than probably 3 seconds, half of the East Coast reported that they, too, felt the quake. 5.9 originating out of Mineral, VA, about an hour from us.

Bob chuckled when we finally made phone contact and I told him that I didn't even know what was happening for a good 10 seconds. You see, I'm from Connecticut, The Land of No Real Natural Disasters. We don't *do* earthquakes. I didn't learn earthquake drills in school, I would have no freaking clue what to do if things got really desperate during one. (Don't worry, I've since read up and am a Certified Earthquake Professional. Ok, not really.)

Apparently, the quake was felt as far north as Toronto???? That's crazy talk. But at least *I* wasn't crazy. Damage, in most places, is minimal to none. But in Louisa, VA, where it all started, there has been quite a bit of damage. Pray for those folks when you turn in tonight.

Here's to hoping the aftershocks get cold feet. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Kera said...

Funny earthquake story for you: When we lived in Alaska they had earthquakes. (Probably still do:) Nothing major, but every once in a while we would feel some trembling. Well, on one morning, we were still in bed. All of a sudden my husband bolts upright, does the soccer mom arm across me, and yells "EARTHQUAKE". I admit to being a bit confused at first. The dogs weren't barking, the framed pictures were still on the walls, and I barely felt the bed move. Needless to say, I told him to calm down and go back to sleep. He gets a little excited about these things. :)

Matt & Diana said...

LOL...We heard Brian Williams report about a big fish shaking in everyone's closets on the east coast this afternoon. I think Cole was right and everyone else's earthquake theory is just crazy talk. ;-)

Glad you're all safe! Didn't even occur to us that Bob probably knows the drill well. I (Matt) can relate to your CT upbringing, and Diana can relate to Bob's CA upbringing :).

Maegan0514 said...

I LOL'd about Cole's response...haha, too funny!

Dorette said...

I too wouldn't know what to do in the event of an earthquake!

South Africa is also the "land of no natural disasters" :-)

(But I think it is God's way of giving us a break. With a unfortunate sky high crime rate our biggest concerns are armed robberies or car hi-jacks instead of quakes and floods)

Glad everyone is ok!

Anonymous said...

Your kids sure reacted well to that, and so did you. I'm pretty sure my kids would have been slightly less calm than that, but they can be somewhat anxious. I've never experienced an earthquake myself, so I wonder if I would have reacted as calmly as you did.