Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene in a Nutshell

Ok, here goes.

Basically, we got up on Saturday morning and it was already too late to leave. It was already raining sideways and there were substantial gusts of wind. This wasn't supposed to happen until Saturday afternoon/evening, but we apparently got bumped up. :(

So we rode it out. In a word, it was terrifying. Every time there was a gust of wind, we braced for impact. The wind blew the trees like they were Kleenex. We heard trees fall in the neighborhood, but didn't know where they went. I kept a constant eye on all the trees and I'm honestly shocked that none of them fell on the house. One tree of ours fell on our neighbor's garage, but it surprisingly did no damage. Phew. Bob and I were both terrified - and when Bob is scared, I know it's a big deal - but we managed to keep the kids convinced that we had it all under control. They didn't seem scared in the slightest.

We lost power in the afternoon.

We ended up staying at our neighbor's house overnight because theirs is two stories and we felt safer being on their main level. I actually got sleep that night, and it was nice to be with other people. They have a generator, so we were able to store some food and Dean's GH, etc.

The next morning, the boys and I left for my parents' house, because they were fine and had power. Bob went to work. It was so sad to see all the damage in the neighborhood and nearby. Downed power lines and trees EVERYWHERE. Last I heard, we *might* get power back by Friday, but probably Saturday. Woof. So Bob went out tonight and bought a generator. He just texted me to say that we have light! This is good. We'll likely head back sometime tomorrow.

If you think of it, please continue to pray about the trees. I don't trust them not to come down in the near future, and I have a feeling that the tree work we have scheduled is going to get pushed off in favor of those who have true tree emergencies. I want those things down so that we don't have to worry about being in our own house anytime a storm comes through. Irene was no joke, but even the smaller storms scare me. Now accepting donations for the Shenk tree fund. Sigh.

We are thankful that we are ok and are praying for those whose lives were really disrupted by this storm.


Dorette said...

So glad you are safe! I'll continue to pray about you and your tree situation :-)

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker coming out to say Phew! I was thinking about you guys. We're down in Newport News and you definitely had it rougher than we did. We never lost power but the trees were bending and stuff was falling all day and night. Hope you're able to get those trees down sooner rather than later.

Cindy said...

We pitched a tent downstairs and put our sleeping bags to use...well, John and Matthew did. I hogged the sofa bed. :) For the first time, in a long time, I pulled out my Bible, dusted it off, and read. I love the book of Psalms, and prayed, and prayed and prayed for our safety. And God prevailed. Hugs girl.