Saturday, August 20, 2011

Party Time!

In all honesty, I'm reeling right now trying to make sense of Dean being sick (it's gotten worse, and now he's on antibiotics. We're desperately trying to stay OUT of the hospital). So I'm going to write about Cole's birthday party, because it was the highlight of my day.

It was wonderful to watch Cole run and jump and play with his friends, and the place wasn't all that busy, so it was a great time slot. You can see that Monkey Joe himself (the crazed-looking purple monkey) made an appearance, and the rest of the party went well. It's so refreshing to spend that time focusing on Cole, and thinking about how big and independent he is becoming. I know, he's still small, but don't forget that my two others are even littler. So Cole most definitely seems like the big boy. :)

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