Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Rev

Bob was ordained today at the River Road Presbyterian Church. It was a wonderful ceremony and we were so touched by all who came and who have supported Bob throughout this journey. I'm so proud of him. There were times in the last six years for sure that we reconsidered whether the PC(USA) was for him, but we continued on.

Like any ceremony, rituals were performed, certain words were said, and vows were made, and then by the end, there was a change from what was in the beginning. Bob came in as Bob Shenk, and left as Rev. Robert Shenk. He'll continue on in the same calling as a hospital chaplain as before today, but this is a new beginning at the same time. We are thankful.

So now you can refer to us (or not) as "Rev. & Mrs." THAT is weird. I'm not about to change address labels or anything, but it's official. Crazy.

Here are just a few pictures since it was difficult to take pictures while managing the boys in differing quantities (thanks to family for helping!).

Bob's parents gave the combined sermon for the ceremony. This was really special.

If anyone else has pictures, please contribute! Afterwards, we had a great party at our house and realized that we love it even more than we already did. It has perfect flow for having a bunch of guests over. Guess we'll have to throw more parties! :)

Dean is continuing to improve. Getting him started on antibiotics yesterday was absolutely necessary and the nebulizer is breaking things up nicely. Tomorrow we will have a day of laying low for sure.

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Dorette said...

1) Congratulations to the Rev and the Mrs!!! Hope your journey continues to be amazing and a testimony of God's love and mercy.

2) A belated congrats to Cole! Four years is a big boy number! Hope the new year is a good one! :-)

3) Get well soon Dean! Hope the antibiotics and nebuliser works their magic and keep you guys out of hospital :-)

Unfortunately I know a nebuliser all too well. Our eldest (normal, full term baby) is prone to respitory illnesses (he is 3 1/2 but we still struggle!) so we've got the full round up - a mucus extractor, nebuliser, humidifier and air purifier. And the physio's number on speed dial. :-)

Of the above, IMHO the nebuliser brings the biggest, immediate relief. Having his room look like a hospital one with all it's gadgets can be intimidating - but having him home with the rest of us is so much better than hospitalization

Hang in there Mama! Coughs can be scary so I'll be praying for you that this will soon be over.