Thursday, August 25, 2011

See ya Later, Alligator. After Awhile, Crocodile...

Today, we officially returned Dean's crocodile walker to the medical supply company today. It was a demo, intended for us to try out and decide if we wanted to order one for Dean. We never got to ordering - because he doesn't use it anymore! Truthfully, he hasn't used it for almost a month, so there's no point having it anymore.

For a little while after Dean started walking, we brought it with us when we went out so that Dean could have it for longer distances (such as walking around the museum for an hour or two). Dean humored us and used it here and there, but before long, I was chasing the walker (so no one would take it) more than I was chasing Dean. And then one day maybe 3 weeks ago, Dean just pushed it away and never looked back. So it was time.

What I didn't expect when I dropped it off was that I got a little sentimental and teary-eyed. That walker went everywhere with us for the two months that Dean used it, and it was almost like another member of our family. Get somewhere, get out of the car, get Emmett, get Cole, get Dean, get the diaper bag, get the stroller, get the crocodile.

With the crocodile, Dean had true mobility for the first time in his cute little life and could keep up with his peers. The playground, mall, poolside, museum - all these places were now open to Dean so that he could explore them on his own, on his feet.

The biggest "problem" we had with the crocodile was that it was so fancy-looking that other kids were always trying to use it! One kid at the mall actually pushed Dean out of the walker and said, "I need this." Umm, let's talk about "need," buddy.

Remember how when you were a kid and you wanted glasses or a cast or crutches? Not sure what that was really all about, because then you get one of those things and it sucks. Haha But this walker, as much as I hated it in the beginning, was a blessing. It gave Dean wings.

And just like that, we brought it back and let go of our temporary family member. Off to help another kid! Well done, crocodile.

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