Saturday, August 6, 2011

Superheroes and Pot-Bellied Pigs

Following yesterday's mass acquisition of dress-up costumes, we showed up ready for Superhero & Princess Day at the Children's Museum. Cole, not surprisingly, picked a Storm Trooper outfit instead of an actual superhero. But hey, there are bigger battles to pick. He was quite proud of his costume and strutted around so everyone could see it. Haha

Storm Trooper milking a cow

Storm Trooper driving an ambulance. The seriousness kills me.

And the "parade," which mostly consisted of staff members dressed in costumes high-fiving the kids. :)

Too fun. Dean was a maniac and was trying to RUN through the open spaces. However, his muscles are not so much up for running juuuuuuust yet. :) Too fun to see him do that, though.

Earlier this morning, we had Dean's hippotherapy session, as usual. His instructor said that he did amazingly well, that he is needing hardly any support to stay up on the horse and that Dean was sitting really straight and tall. This is fantastic. We finally got Dean his own riding helmet, too!

We really believe that hippotherapy has made a HUGE difference for Dean in his trunk strength and balance. I highly recommend it if you can for your child with low muscle tone.

And then there's Harvey. Have we talked about Harvey? He's a pot-bellied pig who lives at the barn where Dean rides and he's quite a sight. Behold:

Cole is fascinated with Harvey and still confused about how a boy pig can have an "udder" (teats). I'm still stuck on how Harvey has tusks. That's pretty hard-core. This big guy gives us lots of laughs while we're at Dean's lesson.

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