Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wasn't *Exactly* What We Had in Mind....

Bob and I are nearing the end of things we wanted to do shortly after moving into this house. Not that there's not plenty more to improve upon, just that we need to start pacing ourselves money-wise. And well, some things are just "good enough" for now and so they're not top-priority. We have lists sorted by immediate items, more short-term as-we-go items, and long-term items.

One item in the second category was the toilet paper holder in the hall bath. Didn't love it, but it was fine for now and we had bigger fish to fry. Until this happened:

A certain Dean Shenk realized that if you stand (now that he can stand) at the toilet paper holder, you can lean on it and unroll the paper REALLY quickly. And he pulled it out of the wall enough that we just had to take it out. Sigh. Being original to the house, the holder had these giant, funky wall anchors that looked like the middle ones here (photo courtesy of

Those puppies sure like to hold onto the wall. The resulting hole was actually able to be patched up with thin layers of spackle, then we took out the other side (which had no anchors... go figure...), spackled, and sanded. Bob installed a new toilet paper holder and after some paint, alllll better. Not exactly how we were planning on changing out the holder, but hey, it got done.

That was small beans compared with the next one. Bob came home from work last night around 5:45 and we had dinner shortly after. At some point, I walked into the dining room (we eat in the kitchen most nights) and happened to look out the window. It had been maybe 20 minutes since Bob had been home and I saw this:

And this:

NOT how we were planning on replacing the lamp post (which we weren't fond of - it was dated and really worn, but it *was* good enough...). This branch was from the same giant oak tree that inspired our last tree incident. It's been dropping huge branches here and there and this last one not only took out the lamp post, but it was within feet of the house and Bob's car. So we're looking at a hefty tree bill coming up probably to take it down before the whole thing falls. :( Until then, no new lamp post just yet!

Ever had to replace something you were thinking about because *it* decided for you? Do tell.


Danielle said...

In our case Bernie decided it was finally time to get rid of the carpet when he ate a chunk of it and then needed surgery to remove it.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Yes, he did! Bernie, no good!! Is he all recovered now?

Danielle said...

He is pretty much all good now. He got his staples out on Monday and he went back to doggie daycare today. We think he may be experiencing pain med withdrawals but we aren't sure. He is itching like crazy! I can't find any info on the internet that explains dogs and drug withdrawal but for humans the withdrawal from this particular paid med is brutal so one would think...