Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Being Little

Dear Shenk children,
Just a reminder that any changes to your nap schedule must be filed on Form 62.9A, "Add or Drop a Nap." Please also remember to review the section, "Consequences of Dropping a Nap" and indicate whether you would like to pay the extra fee for increased sympathy after dropping said nap. Failure to file will result in cranky mother.
Love, the Management.

That was mostly our day. Seriously though, we'll live. Lately I've been thinking about how this phase of them being so little and crazy is just going to go by so. very. quickly. So I'm finding myself wanting to hold onto all of the bits about this phase that are going to be gone before I know it.

The high-pitched little voices.
Running in the opposite direction when I say it's time to change a diaper.
Tossing books and toys everywhere.
Doing 46 loads of laundry a day.
Wanting to watch the same TV shows or movies over and over and over and over...
How soft and relatively hairless they are. :)
Their excitement about the simplest things.
How happy they are to face each day.

There are also tantrums, disobedience, picky eating, inflexibility... but some of this won't go away, and even if it does, it'll be just a faint memory.

Their "little" time is so precious.


Diana P said...

Is there some conspiracy about naps this week?! Seriously, we are having the same problem with not wanting to take naps. Mommies need naptimes to happen. Also, love the "soft and relatively hairless" part...I can only imagine what your house will be like later on...oh boys!

jennifer said...

Thanks for this. So often I get stuck on wishing the tantrums, disobedience, etc. would all go away, and I forget to take note of all the sweet and wonderful things about my boys at these ages. It really does go by fast… I needed that reminder to slow down and appreciate my kids for who they are right now.

Dorette said...

I think all moms can relate! With 2 working parents, and two toddlers (one with special needs and another one who decided this month she wants to potty train) - you can imagine mornings are a chaotic rush to get out the door on time.

But I had to go to Botswana (from South Africa) for 3 days this week, and BOY! did I miss that chaos.
Breakfast for one ain't fun :-)

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Diana, I always blame weird kid behavior on the weather. Or a full moon or something. It's really annoying when they don't nap, but I stress about it way less than I used to. Of course, everyone is happier when they do nap. :)

Jennifer, I hear you. I just have heard from so many lately about how their kids are grown and what they miss about the little stage. It reminds me to be present in it all and appreciate it for what it is. Plus, I can't imagine looking back and thinking about how I wished away a part of their lives.

Dorette, I hear i! I miss the chaos when I'm away too.