Monday, September 19, 2011

Climbing and Scheduling

Now that Cole is in school Monday through Friday mornings, we have time to be with Dean and Emmett and Dean suddenly feels like the big brother. Today Bob was home (he's on a Tuesday-Saturday rotation right now) and so we went to the mall with D & E. Dean is getting so good at climbing, and it's amazing to see him use his upper and lower body to pull himself up, stabilize himself with his feet, and slide down well. He had a blast.

Emmett got a workout too. Or not.

Watching Dean, sometimes he just looks so great. He walks well, climbs well, seems totally on top of things. And then other times, most times, it's all he can do to keep from falling constantly and sliding off of things. Sometimes he sits well in a chair just like other kids his age, and sometimes he slides out like jell-o. He deceives newer caregivers sometimes because he'll look all coordinated and then turn into Gumby. In short, it's all quite inconsistent. But the general line is going in the direction of progress and improvement, so that's all we care about!

Dean had a sleep study on Friday night and Bob said that he was surprisingly calm and cooperative. I don't why this was the case, but we'll take it. They got enough data and we'll find out in a few weeks whether the apnea that showed on his previous study is still there and what happened with it. I'm not feeling so positive about it, but we'll see what comes back.

I finally - three months in - made more appointments with specialists here in Richmond. We love seeing Dr. Miller in Florida for Dean's endocrinologist, but I'm itching to get someone local who we can trust. And then we also set up an appointment with an orthopedist to keep on top of various concerns that can pop up in that department. Namely, scoliosis.

I put off those appointments because Dean was doing well and I just wanted a few months to have NOTHING. NO specialist appointments. JUST BEING A KID. I know this is in some ways a luxury because some children with special needs or other health concerns can't take a break from specialists, ever. And even though I said we took a "break," we still saw an orthotist in June and his pulmonologist a few weeks after that. So it wasn't a complete break. Maybe just a slow-down. :)

But it's time to get back into the rhythm, and I'm ready. For now. :)

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