Monday, September 26, 2011

One SMALL Step for PWS in Williamsburg!

Pictures are here! Thanks to Gretchen Golub for organizing this amazing event and to Lynn Mowry for taking these pictures.

We met on Saturday morning at Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg, VA. The weather was merciful to us and the impending rain held off for our event. A great crowd gathered and we were so blessed to have my parents, Tim and Natalie, my cousin Jerry and his wife Kelly and their 3 boys on "Team Dean Machine." Many of you also donated and were part of our team as well! Man, we feel loved, and we know that you love our Dean and have concern for his future.

Being at PWS events is challenging in that you realize that yes, this is really happening to your child (still), and it's so real that others are experiencing it, too. There is work to be done and this syndrome is crazy enough that people will rally behind it on a walk in the park on a Saturday morning.

Being at PWS events is also always an exciting experience, to be there with others who "get it" and know some of the issues we deal with on a daily basis. It was great to meet some new faces and rally behind this cause together.

It's finally here!

T-shirts! My sister-in-law Natalie made some awesome "Team Dean Machine" T-shirts that our clan wore specifically for the walk. But these are cool, too. :)

Gretchen, the coordinator for the walk, and her son Maxx leading the crowd!

Everyone mingling and getting ready to go!

The obligatory group photos:

And we're off! The 2-mile trail was fantastic for a walk and Gretchen planned a wonderful nature scavenger hunt for the young ones in the group. The kids had a great time. Dean and Emmett, as you'll see below, took a more laid-back approach to the walk. :)

All in all, the walk raised about $40,000!!!! That is amazing. And worldwide, the OSS walks have raised about $700,000 for PWS research. Simply remarkable. We are so full of hope.

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