Friday, September 2, 2011

Restore the Core

Ok, that's actually the name of a Stroller Fit workout, but it seemed fitting. Today was a get-back-on-track kind of day. Refreshing. Mostly it involved tasks that use electricity (the generator can only do so much, plus we got all basic with daily activities while using it): serious amounts of laundry, hot showers, vacuuming, catching up on email, cleaning out closets, and then the glorious yard clean-up (ours was filled with branches and sticks), phone calls, and some other cleaning tasks. It felt really good. And electricity feels like a luxury now. I'm hoping that perspective will last instead of going right back to taking it for granted again.

The kids were noticeably happier to be back in their routine today. A relief for momma, too. :)

Cole was loving helping out with yard clean-up and playing with our neighbor, Mareena. The other boys took turns in the wagon as well.

Cole has enjoyed the summer, but it is clearly getting time for him to be back in school. He begins on the 12th and will be going to Pre-K (sniff, sniff) for 5 days a week! Hoping this is a great fit for him and that he thrives in school.

Dean had PT and is working on core strength with a scooterboard. His new PT, Lori, is fantastic. She doesn't let him get away with avoidance and yet is loving and encouraging with him. Dean also talks more for her than for anyone else!

Dean is now doing PT once a week, hippotherapy once a week, an educator (she works on a bunch of skills/areas) once a week, and we are petitioning for speech. This county likes to do things with a more interdisciplinary focus, but that's not really my style. And I think Dean needs directed speech therapy as opposed to "just" activities to promote language - after all, that's what we're doing with him all the time! Still doesn't make us SLPs. We're going to have to go into the school system for that. It begins!

Emmett is more and more starting to be like a big boy. By that I mean morphing out of the little baby into a bigger, mobile baby. He put his arms around Dean in the wagon to hug him and was cracking up at Dean playing peek-a-boo with him. Priceless.

Emmett is LOUD. He sometimes sleeps well, but often doesn't (yawn). He's eating table food more and is rocking on all fours to try to crawl. Emmett's 7 months already! I already barely remember what it was like to feel him kicking around inside my belly. Mind-blowing.

For those who still don't understand my tree paranoia, here are a couple of wider shots of the side of the house from our neighbor's house. We're surrounded. Fortunately, someone called back today and thinks he can come within the week. Phew!

Finally for today, if you have a moment, I'd love for you to "like" this video on YouTube. It's for a much-needed PWS medical database, and there are only 3 entrants in the contest. You only need to vote once! You'll need a Gmail account, but don't worry about it if you don't have one! I just want it to be easy for everyone. Click here to vote.


Colleen said...

I clicked where you said to and watched the video. I didn't see anything on voting though. Does it just go by how many times it was viewed?

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Colleen, on the lower left-hand corner you should see a button with a thumbs-up that says, "like." Click on that. You have to have a Gmail account for it to work and be signed in.