Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some Assembly Required

We assembled a piece of Target furniture tonight. Emmett needed a new dresser because the cheapo one we got at a yard sale broke and the poor 3rd child's clothes are in a Rubbermaid bin on the floor. So this struck our fancy:

So assembling time it was. If any of you have done this before, you know that it's a true exercise in patience and endurance. We will endure just to save the money from buying something way more expensive and that our children would likely still destroy wear down over time. But the instructions that come with these pieces leave some things to be desired. Like clarity. Like accurate labeling of parts. Like details about the nuances of assembling this particular piece.

At one point, I may have used "Chuck Norris" as a verb. This occurred when we realized that we were almost done and the top was actually on the bottom (and the bottom on the top). No es bueno. Thus enters the verb "to Chuck Norris." As in, "Honey, do you think we should just Chuck Norris off the bottom - er, the top - to get it off quicker?" To which Bob hastily (and probably wisely) responded, "NO!" He's right, but then again, Chuck Norris wouldn't buy Target furniture. Or at least if he did, he wouldn't have to assemble it. It would assemble itself.

Six hours later (with many breaks, I swear), we had this:

We'll let you guess how Bob felt about the process. We're subtle like that.

Dresser = 0, Shenks = 1. Take that!

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