Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Speak to Me

The following video is from maybe 2 months ago. It's Dean with our BC eagle (Go, Eagles!!) and me just saying "eagle" over and over to get him to say it. I don't usually keep driving home a word exactly like that, but we do use a lot of repetition to help get a word in the brain.

Before he started walking (like around the time of this video), Dean's speech went down to very little other than "Eh" for EVERYTHING. I was so frustrated. Recently, he's started picking back up some words again, but it's slow. And his articulation is so poor that only we usually know what Dean is saying.

I know it's early, that he's only 2, and that plenty of kids (with PWS or without) talk later than 2.

But in the back of my mind I wonder about apraxia, and what that will mean for us as we continue to fight for proper speech therapy for him and to help him express himself.

People ask me how many words Dean has and honestly, I have no clue. There are a whole bunch of wordds that have come and gone as if through a revolving door and don't leave an estimated time of returning OR a forwarding address. One that has come back is "again." Dean used to say it ALL the time, then it went underground for awhile, and now it's back. If we ask him to say it, he'll be able to do it maybe 85% of the time?

So we'll see where this leads. He might - might - have a word explosion at some point and learn to talk just a little later than everything else. Or, we might have a much harder road with Dean's speech. Hard to know right now. We'll keep plugging along trying to help Dean talk more while we wait.


Janet Gulley said...

Although it seems impossible now, I thought for a while that AJ was apraxic. Words came and left. At times there were no words at all. I just decided either way we needed to dive in because what I knew for sure is that it was not going to just magically happen like it did for my others. (just like anything else) Not sure that helps and sorry if it makes it worse.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Janet, that does help/make sense. Were there certain things in particular you did with AJ that helped?

Colleen said...

My son just turned 2 in July and is delayed in speech. He doesn't have pws, but words came and went with him as well. His sister was delayed as well and eventually had her word explosion. I know he understands us and simple directions. I watched a video of Mollie's daughter, Eve, singing the ABC's and I was amazed! Brayden is no where close to that and she is only 3 months older than him. I think some, reguardless of disabilities, just have speech delays. All we can do is keep working with them until it clicks. You are doing a great job!!!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Hey Colleen!
Thanks for your comments, too. I know, I see things like that video of other two-year-olds talking like that or even videos from when Cole was two and I'm just astounded. And a little sad. I think in my heart I think that Dean will talk a lot more at some point, but we'll see. I am comforted by the fact that he understands us VERY well!