Sunday, September 18, 2011

When You Know

You know when you're pretty sure you're sold on something, but then you have to check out the "competition" *just* to make sure?

Since we started going our third Sunday in Richmond to River Road Presbyterian Church, we really liked it and wanted to come back. Great preaching, loved the service, people were friendly, and the workers in the nursery fell in love with our boys. In particular, the woman in charge has a degree in special education and felt totally comfortable with Dean's needs. Perfect.

Well, no church is perfect, but it seemed... really good.

So we've continued going to RRPC most Sunday mornings, I volunteered with VBS there this summer, and Bob was ordained there as well last month. But, we still wondered if maybe there was something else we were missing. We thought probably not, but we did still wonder.

We went to this one other church we'd had in mind this morning, and it shall remain nameless because really, it's a fabulous church. Vibrant leadership, great music, great teaching, lots of programs, tons of young families... it's not hard to imagine why people go there. But it was SO busy and SO, I don't know, crazy? Bob and I barely talked leaving the church and then got in the car and I said, "Soooooo... what did you think?"

I had two words in my head, which were: totally. overwhelming.
Bob said, "I'm completely overwhelmed." Haha
Well, at least we were in agreement. The service let out just in time for the morning service at RRPC to begin. We were tempted to drive right there because it felt like going home.

We decided to be prayerful about it and think about it some more.

This afternoon was RRPC's County Fair Annual Picnic at a beautiful Episcopalian retreat center in Richmond. We arrived and got into the events and it just felt like home. We needed that little glimpse of being away to know that we really wanted to be back. It's nice to know when you can feel at home. :)

Have you ever had an experience like this, where you had to go "away" to know that you wanted to be "back?" Not just church, in any situation. Do tell.


Kevin said...

I get e-mails from churches asking me not to attend so that they can remain perfect.

Katie said...

Ali, So glaaad up found a good church that you are comfortable with. Nothing wrong with trying others. I went to 4 churches before settling on NCC. I loved Kevin's comment. Hope to see you Sat. afternoon if you all are not too tired. Grandma

Matt P said...

This isn't exactly the same, but when we moved from Boston, we were so deeply involved in NPC, that I'm sure we spent lots of time focusing on all the things we wished would be "fixed" or "better" at NPC.
Then we got to ABQ, and as much as we loved our new church here, we started pining for NPC. Slowly adjusted, though. Then we took a trip home (to Boston) and went to NPC, and we were just so refreshed to be "home" at NPC. The band, the young fam's/couples/singles, the relevant preaching, etc. All the stuck-in-the-middle-of-it complaining was gone. So like I said: not a perfect analogy, but that's what your post made me think of.
Glad you guys like RRPC! We certainly enjoyed our visit there too :).