Friday, September 9, 2011

Whoever is praying for Bob to have nice quiet call nights at home, please stop! It's really affecting us financially. I'm so tired of this. :(

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KOsment said...

1. a testimony of answered prayers!
2. be careful what you pray for!

I so completely understand... here is a prayer you can tell them to pray instead.... it is the request of an evil ORDAINED MINISTER.. Seriously... he wants prayers for himself so that he will stop sexually molesting his employees, stop extorting from his work and end his fraudulent life! HE wrote these words exactly!

"Father, give Rick the courage to be what You have called him to be. Give him the strength to make honorable choices. Give him a tender heart to feel the pain he is causing in others. Give him sensitivity to YOUR leadership, and a commitment to trust You and obey You no matter what the risk."

Prayer warriors... thank you! Now pray that Bob and Ali will be blessed to meet their expenses and their sons will see YOUR GLORY in answered prayer.... that you will open the flood gates of blessing of work and the money NEEDED! <3