Friday, October 14, 2011

C, D, and E

Today marks the end of Cole's 5th week in preschool here and it's going great. They do a lot of work in Pre-K and it's funny to chat with him about what he's learning. That is, if he'll forward any information. Brings me back to when I taught Pre-K and I sure miss all the basics that you lay down at that age for a whole group of kids. If only Cole saw me as a worthy teacher the way my students did! But at least he's willing to learn in his school setting. I'm so happy that he has school to meet new friends and keep his little active body and brain content.

I tried to snap a picture, and typical of a 4-year-old, this is what I got:

Oh wait, I did get a picture of Cole - I mean, Green Lantern - the other day as we geared up for Halloween:

Today, Dean had his first session with a great new SLP who got him talking more than I've heard ever before! It was fantastic. I can't even tell you all the ways that she did it, because I was just amazed. When I say "talking," I don't always mean words, but those, too. She told us that she believes Dean has "great promise for speech" and that was just music to my ears. I already asked her if she works outside of Early Intervention so we could keep her after Dean turns 3. Too bad she doesn't! We'll make the most of the months we have left. :)

On the Emmett front, he is standing at times by himself and is pulling to stand on everything. The kid thinks he's 3 years old. No fear, no self-doubt, no hesitation. Go get 'em, Emmett!

No, I don't let him watch TV, but he was right there next to Dean and I just had to snap a pic. For that matter, I try not to let Dean stand there right in front of the TV either! Just being real. :)

Oh, and he has a tooth! A sweet little tooth. Cole and Dean both got their first teeth at 9/10 months, so Emmett at 8 months is early for us. :) He wouldn't let me get a picture. This was all I got.

And the part I'm trying to avoid: Dean's sleep. I don't know why I'm avoiding it because it's getting better. I'm afraid to type that. It's getting better. Deep breaths. He's had 3 days of "clean" naps on the monitor and then last night he only had ONE desat. One.

My doubting heart wants so badly to accept it, turn off the monitors and just go back to our regular life. Really, I wanted to do that from the beginning to one extent. If we don't turn on the monitors, we don't know what's happening. Ignorance is bliss... except when it hurts someone. :/

So we have been riding it out with the monitors and are hoping - praying - that tonight will be good, too. If not, we look towards surgery. Not the end of the world, but obviously we'd prefer the less invasive option of just Prevacid.

It's all worth it for this (blurry) cutie:

Thank you for all your support.

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