Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Different Dream

Someone posted about this website, Different Dream, today on Facebook. Looks like a great resource for parents of children with special needs and/or any chronic condition. I plan to check out more articles on there when I have time. I would encourage you to read the About section, as those questions are ones we are all too familiar with, and you get a good idea for the background of the site.

Today's article (click HERE) is about how to navigate Halloween when you have a child with a food restriction. Between Cole's peanut allergy and Dean's restricted diet, Halloween is challenging. I've thought about how we're going to handle it, and I'm still not entirely sure. :) My hunch is that we'll do what kids do and go Trick or Treating and such, then let Cole and Dean each have one treat (we'll supply Dean with his own "treat"), then swap out the candy later on for a toy. I'm just not disciplined enough to figure out an alternative celebration. I'll save my energy for something else. :)

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Jack said...

That's it Ali. Save the big bullet for the elephant!

Disclaimer: No animals were or will be harmed with the use of this cliche.