Friday, October 7, 2011


This morning, we met with Dr. Brager, an ENT here in Richmond. First off, I really liked him and he seemed to know quite a bit about PWS, so that was helpful. He examined Dean's tonsils and adenoids and said they were a 2 out of 4 (4 being the biggest). He felt that was justification for operating and that Dean would likely need the surgery at some point anyway. We talked about pros and cons and how a partial adenoidectomy would be needed because of Dean's high palate and how a full one would negatively affect speech. He said that even though Dean is having central AND obstructive apnea, sometimes removing tonsils/adenoids makes both kinds better. It doesn't initially make sense, but I guess he said that sometimes the obstructive apnea can kick off some central apnea events?

Bob and I are very much leaning toward surgery. Dean's apnea and desats are just getting worse and we need to do something. Oxygen helps the desats, but doesn't solve anything. Dr. Brager was confident that surgery would help, but just that he doesn't know how much.

I left the appointment feeling slightly more hopeful, although I'm obviously not crazy about surgery. But hey, if it might really help, we're thinking it could be a good thing. We still need to get back the bloodwork from Dr. Miller to make sure nothing else is going on. We'll sleep on it for a bit. No pun intended.

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Janet Gulley said...

Sounds like a good plan. Sorry ya'll have to deal with all this. Dean is such a cutie and his smile will get all of you through.