Thursday, October 27, 2011

He's Out!

Dean's surgery was bright and early this morning and everything went really well! They took great care of him at St. Mary's and all the docs were on board with PWS concerns and knew just what to do. I felt like they took our concerns really seriously and worked with us as a team to give Dean the best care. This is great since it's the hospital where Bob works and it's going to be our go-to hospital here in Richmond.

The surgery was about 45 minutes and went as planned. Dean went to the pediatric ICU where he is recovering and staying the night for monitoring. Please continue to pray. I realize that I never feel settled until my baby is home. Ever since having to leave that tiny, floppy baby in the NICU, it's just not the same until our family is all back together. Bob is staying overnight with Dean since I have Emmett who is tethered to me until I can wean him. :)

Dean miraculously was drinking WATER today (this is unheard of) and was eating soft foods like yogurt and such as soon as they would let him. He was cranky quite a bit, understandably, but for the most part was his happy self. :)

The ENT said that we should expect that things might worsen a bit with the apnea/desats while his throat is still a bit swollen and then things should improve. We're hoping.


Diana P said...

hurray! this seems like a very uneventful post about the surgery which in this case is GREAT! We're glad it all went well and Dean is reacting well so far. Hope all continues to go well and Dean can come home very quickly :).

Dorette said...

Glad it was uneventful! I'll keep praying that the rest of the recovery goes just as smooth :-)

molly said...

I'm so glad it's over! I hope Dean recovers very quickly :)