Monday, October 24, 2011

If Walls Could Talk

In yet another post to distract myself from the fact that Dean is having surgery on Thursday, let's talk about some stuff around the house. Well, and because I want to share it with you anyway. It's a convenient intersection of blogformation.

We've decorated much of the house, leaving the space above the sofa in the living room and the family room. These require something bold, something significant to fill the space. So as usual, I turned to Target. I found these:

Love them. The shape, the size, the depth of the different squares, and the earth-tone/fall-ish colors. Here's a close-up of one:

I'm satisfied. I love to look at them and think about how they balance out the room. Next up is the living room. I'll keep you posted on what we pick. What do you like to see above sofas?

Also, we found out that our foundation has cracks in it. Booo. Before we bought the house, we noticed some cracks in the exterior brick on one side of the house and the inspector said that it did not seem to represent structural damage. Great!

Except he was wrong. We've now had two foundation companies look at it and both agreed that there were cracks in the foundation below (complete with pictures) and that repair is needed before further damage occurs. Booooo again. It's always something! So now we weigh the options. Either one involves many dollar signs flashing before my eyes.

Funny (funny annoying, not funny haha) is that each company uses a different kind of pier to support the foundation and each says why the other kind is not good. Hmm. Helical vs. push piers, anyone? Google yields mixed results. Any wisdom in this department would be fantastic. Oh, the joys of owning. :)

Other house projects have mostly come to a standstill. A few more curtains, a few more pictures and other hangings on the walls, a dining room that is half-painted (no really, as soon as I get the energy to get off the couch, I'm on it... or not), some clean-up around the yard. But mostly just status quo. These days, it's all we can do to keep up with these kiddos and the day-to-day!

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