Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sleeping and Standing

We're home. We had a whirlwind weekend in northern VA for Natalie's bridal shower! Good times. Getting to visit Papa & Bidon was a welcome treat as well. :)

When we are at my parents' house, Cole & Dean share a room just as they do at home, except Dean sleeps on an AeroBed for Kids instead of his crib. Yes, he's otherwise still in a crib. He tried to escape that one time and then just stopped trying (which is weird because he climbs everything else!), but I have a feeling that the window is closing on this. It's probably time to get him into a "regular" bed, on the ground (he will flip out of anything else, I'm positive!).

Anyway, Dean did great in it this weekend, so I have hope! Cole does a great job of encouraging Dean to go in his bed, as long as I remind him that that's what he should be doing. :)

The noodle shirt is working pretty well so far. Dean has been sleeping more on his belly as a result, and that puts my mind at ease that we are not simply biding time while his brain cells are dying from his nightly desats. We are going to meet with pulmonology and a new ENT this week, but we're leaning towards the surgery after talking with Dr. Miller and many other parents whose kids had a similar situation. Not excited about surgery, but excited about the *possibility* that the apnea could be addressed, hopefully for a long time.

Finally, I just have to share some pictures of Emmett pulling to stand. He's doing it all the time now and Cole says he shouldn't be doing it because he's a baby. :) I told him that babies do indeed stand up and even walk! I think we all have some readjusting to do after getting used to Dean's timetable with motor skills.

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Kevin said...

Better early than late on the transition from the bed to the crib.