Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Surgery Eve

Dean's tonsil/adenoidectomy is tomorrow morning at 7:30am. We're to report to the hospital at 6am. I'd be lying if I told you I felt like anything short of puking. This gets easier (maybe), but never easy.

Things to pray for (in whatever order they occur in my mind):
-that the docs will really internalize the anesthesia concerns with PWS (they seem to, but still) and act accordingly
-that everyone on the surgery team will communicate well
-that Dr. Brager and team will be able to do the surgery quickly, well, and address any other concerns that may or may not come up during the surgery
-that the surgery would be successful in resolving Dean's apnea and desats. Heck, we'd take progress, but we'll still pray for total healing of it.
-that Dean's recovery will go well and that he will drink enough and eat enough (once he's able) to come home as soon as possible (after an overnight stay for monitoring)
-some degree of peace for all of us. I already have had no appetite all day and was up last night with a bunch of abdominal pain - most likely anxiety. :/

There's more, much more, but that's all I can put words to right now. As you know, I will update when I can.

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Esther Scott said...

Praying for you and Dean and the rest of the family. He is in God's hands on that table, and all the while. Love and hugs.