Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Village

As the weekend ends, would love to thank the village for all their support in the last weeks.
My mom for helping out with the kids.
My MOPs group for making us dinners.
The PWS community for support and for advising on these matters.
Various people at church for sitting with us during the surgery, bringing us food, calling to see how we're doing, and praying a ton.
All of you and many more also for expressing your support, praying, and offering to help.

I know there are others, especially those who offered to help and I just didn't take you up on it. But truthfully, I'm getting better at receiving help when it's offered.

Dean is continuing to do well in recovery and is seemingly like himself today. We took out his IV since he hasn't needed it thus far and has been eating and drinking so well.

He did not need oxygen again last night, but we're still not getting much sleep because the stupid pulse oximeter (see PWS Glossary if you're not sure what a pulse ox is) is alarming all the time when the sensor comes off Dean's toe or thumb. It's annoying. We can't seem to figure out a way to keep it on there so that Dean won't eventually take it off. I so badly would love a solid night of sleep. This is not something that is easily delegatable (yes, that is a word I just made up) because of needing to work the pulse ox, but we're confident we're going to get through this.

Even if it seems that Dean is doing well at night, he won't be officially "cleared" to be without oxygen at night until he has a much better sleep study from last time. Yes, tons of people have apnea, and in much worse severity than Dean's, but the desats have to stop. Praying.

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