Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Luke is Home

Now interrupting your regularly scheduled once-a-day blog feed to bring a wonderful story. Many of you remember and have been following the story of sweet baby Luke. Luke was born to a family who was wanting another child, but then gave him up for adoption when they learned that he had PWS. It's been a long time coming for them to find the right family, but that day is here.

Here's baby Luke meeting his parents for the first time:

I am so excited, and relieved, and happy. Please keep Luke's new family and his birth family in your prayers.

Editing to add: I have been informed that Luke's parents follow my blog. If you are indeed reading this, we (the PWS community) just want you to know how much we have all grown to love and want to protect your sweet little boy. If and when you are ready, we are all here for you. We're some of the best people you never thought you would meet. :)


Janis said...

Today is a GLORIOUS day in the PWS community. Our prayers were answered and this adorable little boy that we have all grown to love is finally home where he belongs.

Vee Baker - Mom to Sarah PWS-Deletion said...

Amen Ali and Janis! Today we were shown that God does work in mysterious ways. He knew before Matt and Mikki did that they would become his support, love and family. They were chosen to love him for WHO he is. What am amazing journey and story tell will have. Luke is Blessed!