Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boy Gone Fishing!

Cole's been wanting to go fishing with Bob for some time, and one of Bob's coworkers, Karl, took them out yesterday in Williamsburg. I was so glad for Cole to have some Coley-Daddy time because, as you know, he's a daddy's boy. :) I was eager for them to come back because I knew I would hear allllllll about their time out on the water. We'll let the pictures tell the story, because they're just so darn cute. :)

They caught two fish! White perch, as Cole will tell you. :) Apparently, Cole was also really good at getting the minnows for bait because of his small hands. Love it.

With the addition of fishing to Cole's recent study about the Pilgrims and Native Americans hunting (at school), Cole is all about catching animals. He's been telling me about traps to catch them, going fishing again, and asked tonight if we could catch some squirrels and rabbits and eat them for dinner. Love that kid.


Jack said...

Picture Papa smiling! :)

Kevin said...

When Cole comes and visits us here in Rochester, I send him home with lots of fresh squirrel.