Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Friend Like Me

This poem was written by Vanessa, a 23-year-old (today!) woman with PWS who I interviewed previously. I love this poem and the sentiments behind it. One thing I was terrified about when Dean was born was that others would see him differently and reject him for it. I still fear that sometimes. I think it's unavoidable to some extent because even kids without special needs (like myself!) still get/got teased, feel left out sometimes.... Anyway, I'll leave Vanessa to speak through this poem.

Please don't be afraid of me
I want to be your friend
And if you get to know me
Your rigid thoughts might bend

Thoughts that I am different
From others that you know,
I really am no different
And this I'd like to show

I live and breathe and laugh and cry
I love to play and Learn,
I sometimes do things differently
which can cause some concern

You see, some say I'm special
I guess this much is true,
But if you were to ask me
I'd say you're special too

We're all a little different
No two are just the same
It's really something wonderful
that way there is no blame

When things don't go just perfectly
And others get confused,
And say things like "poor child"
and other terms they use

It's okay if you look at me
And might not understand,
It's okay if you touch me
And even hold my hand

My life has many obstacles
Much more than you could know,
But that's not what I dwell on
I'm me, that's all, and so...

Please don't be afraid of me
I want you just to see,
How truly great and wonderful
A friend like me can be


Andrea said...

Absolutely fabulous! How wonderfully said!

Jack said...

Beautiful! There's a lot of wisdom packed into this short poem.

Haley said...

wow! Amazing poem.

Anonymous said...

Ali, Sorry, I can't agree with all the comments. I love the color and I think it looks good in the picture from the road.

Katie said...

loved the poem Am making a copy to keep and share with my friends in the Prayer and Bible groups as they are always praying for Dean.

Colleen said...

Beautiful Poem! I am going to copy that down as well. Such a wonderful, well said work of art!!!