Thursday, November 10, 2011

Loose Ends

Here to tie up some loose ends from recent/not-so-recent topics. Go!

Front door color!
I think (think) we might have found a color. See yesterday's post and imagine this color, La Fonda Teal, on the front door. We want something inviting and cheerful, but that obviously still goes with the red. Is this the dark teal that several of you were thinking of?

Our house's foundation
So, long story... we did some research on the foundation companies that found supposed structural issues with our home. Turns out that the foundation companies have a rep for making "business" where there is none. :/

And we did some research on our inspector and apparently he's well known in the area and many other contractors recommend him. They actually like him because if there is stuff to find, our inspector finds it and gives them more work! We had our inspector come back for a second look at the house and he still said there are no real structural problems.

Then we had a "building diagnostician" come out today and he said that if our particular inspector found no issues with the house, there are no issues. This guy (the building guy) is top-rated on Angie's List, and also looked the house over himself and said it's actually in really good shape. The repairs we have to make are all surface and not expensive (like changing some of the grading around the house, etc.).

I know, a roller coaster. In the end, it's going to cost WAY way less to "fix" the house than the foundation companies told us. I'm so glad we took the time to look into the reputations of these companies/people and figure out who's who in all this.

Consider me relieved. I think I heard my wallet sing.

Preschoolers with no sense of time
Ok, I bag on Cole for this, but really, it's hard for a 4-year-old to understand! Yesterday he asked me, "Mommy, is it tomorrow?" Try to explain that tomorrow is tomorrow and today is today, but tomorrow today will be tomorrow and today will be yesterday. Sounds like a 'who's on first' scenario.

So when the boys saw Santa's village going up at the mall the other day, there was great confusion about just when the jolly man was going to appear. Not today, not tomorrow, not the day after that, not in August (Cole thinks everything's in August because his birthday is).

We did what any former preschool teacher would do and we made a Christmas countdown paper chain. Each day, one link will come off the chain (I even labeled the days in case we lose track) until it's Christmas! Hopefully it will make it all a little more concrete. :)

I'm so excited. I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I usually am hardcore about waiting to celebrate, but who can resist a cute little redhead wanting to know how many sleeps until Christmas?

My eczema
Many of you remember my wonderful rash from hell that resulted from our stay in The Sketchiest Hotel in Gainesville, FL. Preexisting that was a rash on my finger from my pregnancy with Dean. It's gotten worse and I can't even wear my wedding rings. :( Seriously. Bummed. This is what my left middle finger looks like right now:

Yeah. Ouch. And my eczema is flaring up everywhere with the switch to drier weather, on my legs, arms, hands, and a little on my face. Blah. One option is a round of Prednisone to blow it out of my system for awhile, but it will likely come back. I've tried strong topical ointments and a gazillion other treatments, but it keeps coming back. I'll take suggestions!

Overall, that's the scoop! I'll leave this loooooong post with one picture from the other day of this guy that I'm kind of crazy about... was thinking today about how grateful I am to have this special little family with him.


Gina B said...

Yes! That's a great teal!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

How can you NOT paint your door that color? It's called LeFonduh. And though it's not as great as Christmas, tell C it's 4 sleeps until his sleepover with H. (And also, please remind me to tell you what my word verification word is for this comment. Hint: it's a body part + pow. Awesome.)

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Ok, glad this was on the mark. And I'm happy to give a nod to Napoleon Dynamite. lol

I'm scared to know which body part. I have an idea. lol