Monday, November 28, 2011

Pecking Order

Now that he's on his feet a lot more, Emmett is upping the ante in how he interacts with his brothers. If he wants something, he'll walk over and grab it out of your hand. If you're in the way, he'll just walk or crawl over you. If he wants your attention, he'll claw your face or whack you, all in that how-is-it-so-cute-that-you're-terrorizing-me sort of way. Dimples and all.

This morning, Emmett walked up behind Dean and was playfully whacking him on the head. I've taught Dean how to sign "stop" to show Emmett his discontent. (Yes, I realize Emmett doesn't understand right now, but it's training both of them how to handle the situation) When it happened this time, Dean got upset. Before signing, Bob saw it and said, "Oh Dean, he's just trying to play with you." My response was, "Yeah, but, Emmett's annoying him. I don't blame Dean for being mad."

We both started laughing because we knew where we were coming from. Bob, being the younger of two boys, was the little brother who just wanted to play with his older brother John. I, being the older of two, was the one who was annoyed with my little brother being all over me. Both are true, real, and important. As the boys get older and the dynamics of their relationships grow, change, and become more complicated, it was... fun, actually, to think about where we all come from and how that influences how we see things.

What's the pecking order like in your house? How does where you come in the birth order affect how you see others?


Andrea said...

I am a middle child, so there were issues of being older and younger at the same time. The upside is that I understand where both of my kids are coming from. :)

Erin said...

I love that picture! Your boys could not possibly be any cuter! :-)