Friday, November 11, 2011


Today we had Dean's post-op appointment from his tonsilectomy/partial adenoidectomy. Dr. Brager was thrilled with our report of Dean only having 1 at the most desats at night and that Dean doesn't need oxygen much at all anymore (PRAISE GOD!). This is huge. He was thrilled and I could tell that he was a bit surprised that the surgery made that much difference. He also said that we might expect to see further improvement as Dean continues to heal. I felt validated when he said that my hunch that having anything additional in Dean's throat with the low tone might be enough to induce apnea was right on. I am so, so thankful for all those who prayed, are still praying, brought us meals, sat with us in the hospital, encouraged us, and all the rest of it.

We'll be "cleared" officially from Dean needing oxygen at night once he has a sleep study that passes the test. We have scheduled a visit to Dr. Miller in mid-January and we will get a sleep study while we're down there. Until then, I might be holding my breath a bit, but for now I'm happy to be sleeping in my own bed, with Bob, and not having to worry about repositioning an oxygen mask near Dean's face ALL NIGHT LONG. Thank you, Lord.

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