Tuesday, November 29, 2011


People ask how we have gotten so much done in and around the house in just a few months of living here. It's because, for me, a home needs to be a sanctuary. I'm spending most of my time here, especially considering that I work and take care of the boys here.

So we're building in little places around the house that can be a sanctuary, restful places for our bodies and souls. Santa took a present order a little early (thanks!) and brought us two new Mission-style chairs for the family room.

Ok, the state of the coffee table doesn't exactly lend itself to the word "sanctuary," and we could use a lamp over there, but, you know, otherwise....

The problem is that I might be allergic to them. :( No really. I've had eczema my whole life on and off, as you've read about a bit before. I was sitting on them this evening, after not eating anything for a few hours (most of my reactions historically have been to food) and this popped up on my leg:

What in the world.

Well, we'll keep checking with sitting on the chairs on and off to see what happens, because I really do want this space of rest to work out!

Hives aside, what do you have as a sanctuary in your own home?

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