Monday, November 7, 2011

Spinal Business

Today we, among other things, went to the orthopedist for Dean's check-up/check-in. There are various orthopedic issues that can creep up in PWS, the most common being scoliosis. Anyone with low muscle tone is prone to scoliosis. Anyway, after waiting for almost 2 hours (yawn), Dean had x-rays and we met with the doctor. Dean has no scoliosis (yay!!!), BUT (there is always a but! I really could do without the buts...) he has something called spondylolisthesis. Gesundheit.

It looks like this (it's the one on the right that is being cut off a bit):
Image courtesy of

Apparently in kids, it's usually a congenital defect of some kind, so basically another small birth defect on top of PWS. Bonus. Dean couldgo with it the way it is right now (mild) forever, and that would be ok, or it could worsen over time and eventually require a spinal fusion surgery. Bonus. Oh wait, not so much.

So, for now we keep an eye on it by going every 6 months back to the orthopedist, and meanwhile I'm going to look into other things like a chiropractor, physical therapy, etc. Would love any info that others might have.

In good news, Dean has only needed oxygen while sleeping two nights since his surgery and none at all in the last 3 nights!! I'm afraid to "call" it just yet, but this is such a great improvement already. We are praying that this will continue. I really, really treasure sleep (odd, I know).

The PWS adventure continues....

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