Sunday, November 27, 2011


On Wednesday, I went to a new psychiatrist (yes, it took me 5 months) here in town. He informed me that the medication I've been taking for my wondrous brain is not really safe while breastfeeding. Umm, 'scuse me? My previous doc said this was not the case. A bit distressing. The problem? I've exhausted all the safe options while breastfeeding. The drug he would actually recommend, Lamictal, really isn't safe, and so I can't start it until I wean. :/ This is a bit of a problem.

So in the past 5 days, I've been trying to wean. Until now, Emmett won't take a bottle or a sippy cup, or really anything else. He seemed like he didn't even know how to work a cup or a bottle. I kept at it and managed to get him taking formula from a sippy.

Problem is that Emmett doesn't seem to care. He's still wanting to nurse. And because it's a little later in his infancy, a few days of less nursing means I just don't have much milk anymore. So he's between a rock and a hard place. He's frustrated when nursing, and yet wants to nurse.

I, frankly, was relieved to have a doctor give me an "excuse" to stop breastfeeding. I know, the horror. But I've never enjoyed nursing, I do it only because it's good for my kiddos and it's cheaper than formula. :) When Dean was born and couldn't nurse, I did feel a bit sad not to have the option, and my body could only keep up with pumping for so long. I lasted 5 months. It made me appreciative of having the option to nurse at all with the other two, and grateful to have an opportunity on the other side of the "fence" of the issue. Breastfeeding is such a controversial topic, so I enjoy more than one perspective on the matter. Thankful to my kiddos for giving me 3 different experiences to share.

And of course, since this is our last baby, weaning is weird just because it's the end. And the end of something even that you weren't totally fond of is still an end. And a little sad, even if mostly happy.

I'm looking forward to lots. To having my body back, to be able to wear dresses again (can't quite pull those up enough to feed a baby without being completely scandalous), and to being free from worrying about medications hurting a baby, to name a few things.

We will keep trying! Would love any tips about how to wean a baby who isn't quite ready to do so. I've been giving Emmett lots of affection still (obviously), so he doesn't feel like weaning = not being close to mom), trying to give him praise for taking the sippy, etc. Little dude is not quite convinced just yet. :)


Allison Peretin said...

I had to unwillingly wean both my girls. Lily - because I had to start long term medication for Graves Disease, and Rose, because she had a severe milk allergy. I'm trying to think of a couple tips to share, though I bet it will all work itself out within a few days. (This is my biggest parenting tip - by the time I spend the time worrying and developing a plan, the issue is dealt with.) My tips - have your husband do all nighttime feeding, and daytime if he is at home.... use a special toy, blanket to cuddle Emmett when he wants to nurse, and try not to let him see that you are upset about not nursing him (if you are). I used to play a game with the girls when they wanted to nurse, or do something to make them laugh - to distract them. Good luck! You're doing what's best by taking care of yourself!

mandii said...

you've done an awesome job. you balance so much and should feel very proud of yourself for nursing this long! Hugs!