Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Good One

Another good song for this crazy season.

In other news, we have full plumbing! I have never been so tickled to do laundry in my life. I'm sure it'll wear off soon. :)

Weaning-wise, Emmett is not so much weaning. :( He was taking the cup well for a little while with formula in it, but then started rejecting it. Followed by screaming. And crying. I was worried about him getting dehydrated and so went back to nursing him 4 times a day instead of 5. I guess it's something. My hope is just to continue dropping one feeding at a time until 12 months (which is soon - he's 10 months now!) and then switch to cow's milk and see how that goes. Worked for Cole!

In the meanwhile, if you could spare a prayer for my brain, I'd appreciate it. I really need to be on this new medication and I just can't. :(

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Lisa said...

Sending you good thoughts! I wish I could think of another alternative for Emmett. Hopefully things improve soon.