Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas in Full Swing

Dear Grandpa,
Happy Birthday! You would have been 83 today. We had a great day with our now *three* boys, Cole, Dean, and Emmett. You would have gotten a kick out of these kids as we spent the day preparing for Christmas. We decided to go to Christmas Town, part of the Busch Gardens theme park in nearby Williamsburg.

But before we went, we put up the stockings,

And decorated our tree (fake, of course... with all these Foley allergies, we can't take a chance with a real one!)

Then we set out for Christmas Town. We rode the tram from the parking lot, which was apparently very exciting.

There was a live Sesame Street show, which was a HUGE hit. Even Emmett was shrieking and pointing at the characters on the stage.

The boys enjoyed walking around and seeing all the lights!

Cole was thrilled with his "surprise" (prize" from one of the games. He had only a little help. :)

Dean loved his light saber, whose light didn't shot up in the picture! It's really cool.

It was a good night.

Miss you. Wish you could snuggle your great-grandsons. They're pretty cool little guys. :)

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